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A homeowner can never be too careful when it comes to the roof of their residence. The roof serves many functions, yet mainly protects the home and its contents from the elements. One must be vigilant, as a small leak often develops into a much larger one when it isn't fixed in a timely manner, leading to costly repairs in the home thanks to water damage. In addition, when a potential buyer looks at a home, he or she needs to ensure a thorough roof inspection is completed to identify any problems and have them corrected before the sale goes through. Robbins Roofing takes on these and other tasks for homeowners in Oklahoma City, Yukon, Midwest City, Edmond, Mustang, Norman and Tulsa and also works with businesses to ensure their roof is functioning as designed.

Conducting A Roof Inspection

When Oklahoma City roofing contractors complete a roof inspection, they look for numerous things. First and foremost, they check the shingles to see if any granules are missing. Roof granules on the ground or in gutters suggest the roof is showing signs of wear. When both shingles and granules are found, the roof has sustained damage and needs repair or replacement. If a homeowner or business proprietor spots granules at any time, a roofing Oklahoma City contractor should be called in.

Dark streaks are another sign the roof is in need of repair or replacement, and a commercial or residential roofing company should be contacted. Home or business owners can use binoculars to look at the roof and detect these problems, and small black streaks indicate the problem is in the early stages. When a significant quantity of streaks is detected, however, shingles need to be replaced. Missing shingles or granules leave a roof unable to repel water, which can lead to a build-up of water on the roof and water entering the home.

Shingles that are broken and moss on the roof may also be detected during a roof inspection. Broken shingles tend to be easy to spot, and they need to be replaced promptly. Moss on the roof indicates the roof is no longer able to repel water, therefore these areas need to be fixed by Oklahoma City roofing companies.

When To Conduct Roof Inspections

Roof inspections need to be conducted twice yearly. Many home and business owners opt to inspect the roof during the summer months, as the warm weather makes it easy to conduct this assessment. Those choosing to do so need to make use of a nail gun as opposed to adhesive during repairs, as the shingles could melt the adhesive when temperatures rise. A roof inspection may also need to be conducted during the winter months as ice dams can form during bad weather. Heat tape or heat cables help to protect the roof from these dams, yet care must be taken as there have been reports of fires with the use of these items. Speak to roofing contractors before using these methods to obtain recommendations regarding how to prevent and remedy ice dams.

Common Roofing Issues

* Improper installation of an air conditioning unit
* Improper ventilation of the roof preventing it from breathing
* Roofing material that is missing, broken or loose
* Granules from shingles present in the roof
* Sagging near the roof ridges or between rafters
* Flashing that is corroded, missing or loose
* Water pooling due to vent pipe depressions, flashing separations or clogged drains
* Tiles or shingles that are curled, split or blistered
* Shingles near hip lines and ridges that are broken or loose
* Rusted metal present at the intersection of the roof and structure

Protecting The Roof

Home and business owners need to take certain steps to protect their roofs from damage. Gutters must be maintained to direct water away from the home or business and to prevent water damage or flooding. In addition, downspouts should be directed away from the home or structure. Trees ought to be trimmed to ensure limbs don't fall and damage the roof, especially during periods of high winds or in an ice storm. The mortar around a chimney also needs to be inspected as water may enter the home here, doing a great deal of damage in the process. Head over to this page for additional fall roof maintenance tips or visit here for maintenance tips to use during the winter months.

Choosing A Roofing Contractor

When choosing roofing contractors Oklahoma City, request references and read reviews posted on the Internet. Don't hesitate to contact the Better Business Bureau and other professional organizations to learn more about a business. In addition, ensure the roofing contractor has the necessary insurance and licensing. A home or business owner does not want to discover they hired someone without the proper qualifications and protection and they are now liable for any damage caused by the roofer or any injuries sustained during the repair or replacement. Visit this page to learn more about how to go about choosing a roofing company.

Robbins Roofing remains one of the most trusted names in Oklahoma City and serves those who live in the Oklahoma City metro area and Tulsa. Contact the company today at 1-800-201-0177 for assistance with roof inspection, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. In addition, the company provides commercial roofing services and provides multiple warranties on their work, including a system plus warranty, a shingle warranty, and a golden pledge warranty. It's no wonder our company has been recognized across the nation for quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Customers receive peace of mind when they choose to work with us because they know their home is protected. Request a free estimate today for a metal roof, a tile roof, or any type of roofing repair. Robbins Roofing will be more than happy to provide this estimate in a timely manner.