What types of shingles are best for particular climates?

by robbinsroofinginc on March 8, 2012

The shingles you choose for your new roof should be based in part on the climate you live in. Some materials are better suited to different weather conditions. Here is information on different roofing materials, including which climate they work best in.

Hot climates present unique challenges. The extreme heat quickly damages and wears out asphalt shingles, so residents of areas like southern Florida and New Mexico need to choose different roofing materials. A better option is fiberglass shingles. Designed for extreme heat, they are also able to withstand hurricane-force winds and high humidity levels.

Slate is a natural alternative that won’t heat up, requires little maintenance, and can withstand major storms. The biggest challenge with slate is the high cost. Clay or concrete tiles are more affordable than slate and are a very popular choice in southern regions. Metal roofing is also an excellent choice as it will also lower energy bills by reflecting the sun’s radiant heat away from your home.

Cold weather presents its own challenges for shingles. The extreme cold temperature seen in northern states like Minnesota and Michigan can cause shingles to develop tiny stress cracks. The best choice for withstanding the cold conditions is concrete shingles. They will handle the ice and snow without a problem and will withstand the high winds that accompany many blizzards. Unfortunately, many homes do not possess the structural integrity to withstand the heavy weight of concrete tiles.

Metal roofing is as stable in the cold weather as it is in hot temperatures. Ice and snow easily slide off before they build up and cause problems, the surfaces are fire-resistant and the metal is lightweight so it won’t damage your home’s structure.

Asphalt shingles are an appropriate selection in cold climates. However, they should be installed properly to prevent ice dams that cause water stains on your ceiling. Special ice-guard underlayments must be used; the shingles should adhere properly; and annual inspections should be done to repair any damaged areas promptly.

In all roofing application, the attic area should be inspected to ensure that the home has adequate air flow. Experienced roofers know how to ensure that the roof is stable and secure so you will be prepared for any weather. Robbins Roofing, Inc., is a local roofing company in Oklahoma City that offers full roof replacements and restorations. We can handle any of your repair needs and will help you determine which roofing material is the best option for your home. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about our company.

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