Three most common flashing materials

by robbinsroofinginc on March 8, 2012

Flashing is a necessary part of your overall roofing system. It protects your roof in vulnerable areas where water could travel along a vertical surface and work its way into the warmth and comfort of your home. Used to safeguard headwalls, chimneys, vents, skylights and valleys, experienced roofers know how important flashing is.

The best option is copper flashing. It’s the most expensive, but it’s also the most durable. It can be worked into the necessary shape, stands up the elements, and is extremely stable. Because it experiences very little movement, it’s not prone to cracking or ripping.

Stainless Steel
Another great option is stainless steel. It’s a little more affordable than copper, but it’s still durable and easily forms into the perfect shapes. Stainless steel is what’s most commonly used throughout homes in the Oklahoma City area, and it should be replaced every time a new roof is installed.

The most affordable option is aluminum. Appropriate for all roofing materials except slate, the metal is workable and holds its shape well. It should be coated to reduce the risk of corrosion. Like stainless steel, it should be replaced along with the roof when the time comes.

Proper Installation and Inspection
The best flashing in the world will not work properly if it’s not installed properly. All nails must be completely secure and the water must be directed away from the home’s interior. Edges should be sealed as an added precaution against leaks. The flashing should also be inspected on an annual basis to ensure everything is still tight and secure.

Robbins Roofing, Inc. is an experienced roofing company in Oklahoma City. We know the importance of the flashing, and we’ll take the time to install it properly. We provide our customers with a warranty on our labor, so you can be confident that the job was done right. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter today to learn more about flashing options, different roofing materials, and how we can help you transform your home.

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